0532-80987750 / 0532-80987726 Whatsapp: 0086 17867102089
Hotline: Whatsapp:0086 17867102089
Risense Technology
Of course, the choice of the Risen brand
The state-of-the-art model, using the most advanced car washer technology
  • Main feature products we can support

    Our featured products as below:
    Fully Automatic Touch-free Car Wash Machine
    Fully Automatic Tunnel Car Wash Machine
    Fully Automatic Rollover Car Wash Machine
    Bus and Truck Car Wash Machine
    Automated Wheel Wash Systems
    Car wash equipment and tools.

    All of us at Risense take great pride in offering our car wash for your consideration. We happy to answer any questions you may have or discuss with you which machine is best suit for your needs.

  • Fine per-sale service system

    Warmly welcome to our factory, please don't hesitate to tell us if you have any question of car wash machine. We will very happy to answer your question any time.We can sent you the detailed information of our car wash machine,videos,pictures,installation......

    Beside to manufacture touch-free car wash, rollover car wash, tunnel car wash, bus and truck wash, wheel wash system with our own brand. We also offer ODM and OEM from all customers' requirements.

  • Fine service system

    We offer you the construction design drawings for your car wash bay, then we will send our engineer to your side to install and operation training.

  • Fine after-service system

    Besides the high quality machines, we also offer you professional after-sale service. These service programs include:
    Installation support:
    We supervise installation and commission every single unit we provide, on client’s requests .Technician can be sent all over the world to set up your installation.
    English documents support:
    We provide detail English operating manual and maintenance manual for each model of equipment. These manuals include lots of pictures to show the detail procedures for trouble shooting and spare parts replacement. Operating DVD will be provided upon request. All documents are carefully designed and easy for user to fellow.
    Life time technical support:
    Our experienced customer support team will help you solve technical problems .We guarantee to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours, whether it comes from phone, mail or fax.

  • How long will the machine quality guarantee

    1. We have made the car wash machine running-in times before leave factory, and the failure rate is approaching zero, for the pumps, motors and electronic control panel systems all form Japan.
    2. The whole car wash machine guaranteed one year, and parts of components guaranteed 2-3 years. The wearing parts will offer you additional, such as wheels, chains and nozzles.
    3. The working life of the car wash can up to 15-20years.

More than 30 kinds of washing machine equipment, customers can purchase one-stop, can be upgraded

The birth of the standard washing machine
Part jected
We strictly control every aspect of production of car washing machines. The core parts are all imported from German, Italy and Japan…… The frame are all hot-dip galvanized steel make the wash machine can use no less than 15-20 years.
Assemble acceptance
Risense can make sure the products full-qualified class not only for adopting the Japan standard assemble process, but also for the high level of assembling persons.
Testing is qualified
Risense strictly acts standard testing process, make sure every part is qualified. We will test every machine before go out of factory. Make every machine with high quality.
Installation qualificatoin
The machine was install and test on the site,make the machine lives a long life.
Train qualified
Train customer how to operate the machine for free . Enough training make it easy to operate and maintenance.
Part jected
We strictly control every aspect of production of car washing machines. The core parts are all imported from German, Italy and Japan…… The frame are all hot-dip galvanized steel make the wash machine can use no less than 15-20 years.
Assemble acceptance
Risense can make sure the products full-qualified class not only for adopting the Japan standard assemble process, but also for the high level of assembling persons.
Testing is qualified
Risense strictly acts standard testing process, make sure every part is qualified. We will test every machine before go out of factory. Make every machine with high quality.
Installation qualificatoin
The machine was install and test on the site,make the machine lives a long life.
Train qualified
Train customer how to operate the machine for free . Enough training make it easy to operate and maintenance.
The benefits of using a Nissan car washer machine

1. High pressure  water  washing  with  swing  nozzles,  can fast clean every corn of car  body.  Can add chassis function. Shampoo sprinkling , wax coating.  Liquid  proportioning  can  be adjusting  according to degree of  dirt car.

2. Fully automatic computer-controlled and the  operation  panel  is  intuitionist  and  easy  to operate.

3. Small location occupied,  easy to install, energy saving.

4. Less investment, faster recover the costes.

5. Can reduce the labor cost of 2-3 persons.

Special services for your benefit
  • 01
    Consult for free
    Please don't hesitate to tell us if you have any question. We will be happy to answer your question.
  • 02
    Train for free
    We will sent our technical person to train for free if you need
  • 03
    30% TT inadvance
    30% TT inadvance, the balance before shippment.
  • 04
    Design for free
    We will design the construction drawing for you according to your site.
  • 05
    Installation for free
    We can sent our technical person to your site for installation for free if customers need.
  • 06
    Fault self-detection capabilities
    We have made the car wash machine running-in times before leave factory, and the failure rate is approaching zero, strong data management function, .intelligent automatic reporting failure code.
  • 07
    Special service
    Our experienced customer support team will help you to solve technical problem. We guarantee to response your inquiry with 24 hours, whether it comes from phone, mail or fax.
More advice, welcome to call the hotline:
+86 0532 80987716
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